Best (and worst) Storm the Wall team names 2017

Whether you managed to harass your friends into joining a team at the last minute or are allergic to exercise, evaluating the Storm the Wall team names has been a time-honoured tradition here at The Ubyssey.

Some are wholesome, some are punny and some are just cringeworthy (*cough* Trump related names *cough*). For the complete Storm the Wall team roster, go here.


Beet Our Thyme

Cirque Du Sore Legs

JONAS brothers

Moderately Attractive Squad

Not the Country, Kenya

On Tuesdays We Storm

Pink Floyd

Short people also have a dream

Something Funny and Original?

The Mouthwatering Dogs?

This Was Way Too Last Minute

Vegan Superpowers

Wall puns:

Ain't No Wallaback Girl 2.0


Anyways, Here's Wonderwall

Bricks out for Wallamabe

Bunch of fungis getting over a wall

George Stormthewallpoulus

Holy Walkamolies

Paul Blart Wall Cop

Smash Mouth-Wall Star

Wall in this Together


Wallter White


10 feet taller

10ft Higher

Asylum Seekers

Bad Hombres

Grab Them by the Wall

Make UBCDanceClub Great Again

Mexico storms the wall

Nasty Women and a Bad Hombre

See Trump walls don't work

SFU Will Pay for the Wall

Storm Trump's Wall

The Trump Wall Trumpers


Almost all snakes

Active Listeners


Children of Chbe

Fission Chips

I KIN (maybe) do this!


Storm the Cell Wall

The Atoms Family