Black on campus: In colour

It seems that all your life

You've been punished for

Your race, nationality and the colour of your skin

All traits you never had control over

But have been used to undermine the very being you are

You see now how the world has been an unsafe place

How you have learnt to bubble yourself in denial,

In the perception that by getting through, things shall be better

But what exactly are you getting through?

You have always asked yourself why

Why your life is still influenced by the stereotypes that have been written in the ink of hate so long before?

Nevertheless, you have taught yourself to see those individuals, those strangers as ignorant instead of focusing on the pain

However, in the dark of the night,

You still remember the crude names bullies called you for more than half of your childhood; the sting of rude remarks friends have made

You now know that what you assumed was older men being friendly was inappropriate and objectifying

You are sure it is dehumanizing when people come up to you to touch your hair, or ask for photos with you, and more so when they secretly take them

Some nights,

you feel a rage for the fact that your passport is looked at twice, inspected multiple times, through airport customs because of the colour of your skin and the country the passport comes from

Don't be mistaken

This experience, this life, isn't an opportunity to throw a pity party for yourself

You are stronger due to the bricks you have had to push out of your way; due to the walls that those before you had to knock down

But it is time you were more mindful and vocal

The world still has a long way to go before it is a safe place for so many minorities, not just the one you are.