Get creative with climate change

Feel passionate about the environment? Have an artistic flair that you want to show off? The UBC Climate Art Competition offers students a chance to be creative and communicate the issue of climate change via their own art. On October 19, two lucky students will be selected to showcase their powerful creations for one year in the AMS Student Nest or CIRS building.

AMS Sustainability and SEEDS have partnered with the UBC Sustainability Initiative to create the first ever UBC Climate Art Competition. Though the SEEDs sustainability program has run highly successful competitions before, this will be the touchstone for future collaboration between all three of these organizations.

Sam Tuck, AMS Sustainability Projects Coordinator, said the goals of this project are to “convey the urgency of global climate change crisis to the UBC community and engage [with more] students on [these] issues.”

This competition wants to combine “[the] creative powers of students [and promote] climate justice related art in the Nest and CIRS,” Tuck explained.

Essentially, this competition requires an individual or a small group of students (maximum four) to complete an online submissions package. This will include information forms along with a scanned idea of the art image they wish to create. The ideal project will capture the attention of students, staff and visitors within these spaces while also expressing contemporary climate justice issues. Students are not required to have completed artwork for submission, and the individual or team with the winning submission for each location will receive $500 as an honorarium. The costs of fabrication and installation will also be covered, with up to an additional $2500 for each of the locations available in order to help students make their dream design a reality. The only thing to keep in mind is there will be no accessibility to water or electricity.

“We’re basically [opening a competitive platform] where students have the opportunity [to] build social and cultural awareness,” said Tuck. So, why not push yourself and literally create change? Get inventive and play around with some designs.

For more information and to find the submission forms, head to the Facebook page “UBC Climate Art Competition” or contact Sam Tuck himself at

The article has been updated to include information about both the $500 honorarium and the $2500 fabrication and installation funding. The Ubyssey regrets this original omission.