From the Cult: VP administration interview

The VP administration looks after AMS clubs, manages the Nest and liaises between constituencies, clubs, resource groups and the AMS. Ubyssey News has all the cold, hard facts — but they didn’t ask the candidates stuff that matters, like where to cry on campus or what word they start with on Wordle. Well, I did.

Ben Du

Are you for or against pineapple on pizza?

Pineapple is an integral ingredient for pizza, I would say.

What is your favourite podcast?

Do we want an intelligent answer because I can say The New York Times’ [The Daily].... I'll just stick to The New York Times answer. I feel like that's a safe bet.

Best spot to cry on campus?

It would have to be the basement of the Koerner Library. It’s probably the only spot where you could just let your heart out and everybody else would understand. They'd probably be crying with you.

What word do you start with on Wordle?

Isn't [the best word] ‘crane?’ Isn't that what everyone says? You know what? No. Scratch that. Let's go with ‘elect.’ I feel like that's appropriate, it's got enough vowels in there, a little bit of consonants. People should start using that more and more.

Who is your favourite UBC celebrity?

The seagull that wanders around the fountain. I hear the seagull is pretty popular. I've always wanted to meet that seagull. I hear that seagulls picture well in selfies … hopefully, before I graduate, I can get a picture with that seagull.

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