fine. was a night of colourful storytelling and dreamy experimental pop

Since the emergence of 2018, I’ve made a goal for myself to check out as many independently-run shows in Vancouver as possible. By far the coolest event I’ve been to this year was fine. an evening of storytelling and otherwise.

fine. is an event created by writer Cole Nowicki, who also serves as the show’s host. This monthly showcase of talent is located at The Lido and is absolutely F-R-E-E to attend.

The Lido is truly one of Vancouver’s hidden gems. This venue is a a watering hole that calls East Broadway its home - it's a simple 99 B-Line bus ride away. The interior is eclectic to say the least, with old school art scattered on the walls, well-loved couches and scarce but very intimate lighting. The Lido has all the charm of your grandmother’s cozy townhouse with an additional spoonful of hipster-curated ambiance. This raw aesthetic paired with a night of colourful storytelling by five talented comedians and writers, on top of a musical performance by experimental alternative pop musician Devours, made for a dreamy evening.

Nowicki kicks off each evening with a small essay of his own. In the case of the show on May 28, he delved into his experiences tagging along with a friend’s band, and his subsequent admiration for the aesthetic of a small Saskatchewan town.

Each one of fine.’s performers brought something a little different to the crowd. Writer Jocelyn Tennant ranted about an avocado stealing bandit at her local Point Grey Safeway, who “drives a fucking Tesla, by the way,” before shifting gears to an essay about her then-boyfriend’s shitty play that she will not be RSVP’ing to. Jónína Kirton, an Icelandic and Métis writer and poet, brought the whole room a bit closer with an intimate reading of her poetry based upon experiences of womanhood, as taught to her by her aunties and mother.

Nowicki’s introductory essay, although casually humorous, spoke volumes about the implicit themes presented at fine., which at its very core is about community. fine. is an evening of celebrating shared experiences with both laughter and universal relatability.

To finish off the evening, there was a musical performance by Devours and a dance space was created for the audience to bust out their moves to dreamy experimental pop.

Did I mention that this show is free? Do yourself a favour and go have a cozy evening of storytelling topped with a night fuelled by dancing.