What your tote bag says about you

Tote bags are a popular choice amongst millennials and zoomers, and particularly at UBC. They’re multifaceted and can be used for transporting lunches, books, clothes, groceries and anything else you can imagine putting in a bag, like a bottle of water. It’s the best way to avoid using plastic bags and show off your interests or style while doing it. That being said, tote bags can say a lot about a person, so here’s my analysis of what each tote bag means.

New Yorker tote bag

This person got the 12 weeks for $1 a week promotion in order to get a tote bag that makes it look like they read The New Yorker. They may or may not actually read The New Yorker and definitely cancelled their subscription before the promotion time ended. They’re thrifty, literate and often wear Blundstones. They probably get their coffee at some cool place like Great Dane or Loafe.

Lush tote bag

This person cares about two things: animals and good baths. They probably smell like a bath bomb all the time and go to protests. Their tote probably contains a vegan meal, a reusable coffee cup and a pair of Birkenstocks.

Sage bag

This person cares a lot about self care and good smells. They might suggest you get lavender oil to help you sleep better. They probably have an essential oil diffuser in their bag at all times.

Lululemon bag

This person bought a pair of yoga pants once and will use this tote bag as their lunch bag forever. Inside is probably a sandwich, a metal straw and a fork.

A tote bag they got from an event

They probably go to events for free stuff and honestly, there’s no better way to live. This person is probably in the know on events going on and can tell you where to find free food.