From The Cult: What position up for election this week are you?

While following the elections, you might’ve been thinking about which position you might want to run for eventually, or maybe even which one is the most relatable to you. Well, we’ve made this handy quiz to help you figure out which elected position you are.

1. The barista gives you the wrong drink. What do you do?

A) Tell them it’s not the drink you ordered so they can remake it

B) Look at how the place is run, figure they’re busy and just take the drink

C) Say “sorry, this is the wrong drink, are you okay?”

D) You didn’t notice it’s the wrong drink because you’re thinking about SkyTrain

E) Say sorry because they’re now spending extra time making your new drink that they could be spending generating further revenue for the business

F) You didn’t notice because you’re thinking about tuition increases

G) You didn’t notice because you’re thinking about fall reading break

2. What do you dream about at night?

A) Managing and supporting, as well as engagement

B) The old SUB

C) The Academic Experience Survey

D) SkyTrain

E) Budgets

F) Buildings

G) Fall reading break

3. What is your ultimate life goal?

A) To be a leader and advocate

B) To manage and support a community

C) To represent your community and advocate for their academic success

D) SkyTrain to UBC

E) Operate a business smoothly and cost-effectively

F) To be Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

G) Fall reading week

4. What do you do if you’re 15 minutes late for class?

A) You walk in from the front like nothing’s wrong

B) You walk in from the back so people don’t see you

C) You walk in quietly so you don’t interrupt people’s learning

D) You walk in and explain you’re late because of transit delays

E) You walk in explaining you were too busy balancing your budget

F) You walk in and explain you were thinking about tuition increases

G) You walk in and explain you were busy thinking about fall reading break

5. What is your favourite place on campus?

A) W. Robert Wyman Plaza

B) The Nest

C) Your prof’s or TA’s office

D) Victoria, BC

E) The David Lam Management Research Library

F) Anywhere where you can cry about tuition increases

G) Anywhere where you can cry about the lack of fall reading break

6. What is your dream vacation?

A) Go to Los Angeles and walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame

B) The Old Sub :(

C) Go on a tour of Oxford University in the UK

D) Go to Tokyo and ride the impeccable transit system there

E) Go to the Wall Street stock exchange in New York City

F) Cry because tuition increased too much and you can’t afford to go anywhere

G) Anywhere if you could just have a fall reading break

7. What’s your typical day on campus?

A) Taking people on campus tours

B) Hanging out in The Nest with your friends

C) Going to office hours

D) Planning what a SkyTrain to UBC would look like

E) Thinking about budgets

F) Furiously filling out the UBC survey on tuition increases

G) Furiously signing a petition for fall reading break

If you picked mostly As, you’re a President

You seek a leadership position in which you can be the voice for the students. You like to manage lots of people, support them and make sure everything is running according to plan.

If you picked mostly Bs, you’re a VP Admin

You care about clubs and communities and the spaces they exist within. You aim to make places like The Nest increasingly better, and you care about what happens within it.

If you picked mostly Cs, you’re a VP Academic & University Affairs

You care about students’ academic lives and how the university can better help students with their academic careers, like with open educational resources. You’re not afraid to tell the university how to do better and you will do anything to make people feel supported.

If you picked mostly Ds, you’re a VP External

You care about how external forces like the federal and provincial governments and Translink affect students, and you will go far and wide to make sure students’ needs are heard by those larger forces.

If you picked mostly Es, you’re a VP Finance

You care about making sure businesses, clubs and administration are sticking to budgets and keeping their spending ethical and sustainable. You want to ensure that things run smoothly and effectively, and god does you ever love spreadsheets.

If you picked mostly Fs, you’re a Board of Governors

You want to represent student voices to a board full of appointed members and elected faculty and staff. You care about representing student voices relating to the non-academic side of things, like divestment and tuition increases.

If you picked mostly Gs, you’re a Senate

You care about representing student voices on academic-related matters like fall reading break, curriculum changes and concession policies. You want to make sure students succeed academically and have a voice to represent them to the rest of the senators.