UBC tattoos you could get but probably shouldn’t

For many, UBC is where we become young adults. It is the best years of our lives, a journey of discovery and realizing our potential. If your UBC years have been very important to you, why not immortalize those memories in the form of tattoo? Many years down the line, people will ask about your tattoo and you can tell them stories of your time at UBC. But figuring what tattoo to get can be difficult, you want something that’s not just the same old Thunderbird that any other student would get. No, you want something unique that expresses your time at UBC. So here are my suggestions on what tattoos you should get.

A realistic portrait of Professor Gateman

His economics classes are infamous across campus. He is an inspiration to all. Express your love for him by inking his face on to your biceps.

The entire contents of your overpriced textbook

You paid a $100 for that textbook, you’re gonna get the most bang for your buck. Why not tattoo the entire textbook on to yourself? This also doubles as a fantastic aid for that one exam the textbook was for.

A UBC Crushes post

Whether you wrote one, got mentioned in one or just enjoy reading the posts, this would be a great tattoo to immortalize the love that you discovered at UBC.

A seagull

Get a campus seagull in memory of that one time your lunch got stolen by them.

Sauder Snake

If you’re a Sauder student, why not lean into the Sauder Snake reputation by getting a tattoo of a snake on your forearm. It will certainly strike fear and intimidation in your opponents in the cutthroat world of business.

The Engineering Cairn covered in graffiti

If you’re an Engineering student, you can immortalize your pride forever by getting a tattoo of the Engineering Cairn. But just the Cairn would be kinda boring, so make sure it’s the version with graffiti on it. I mean who even knows what the original Cairn looks like anyway? You even get to personalize the graffiti! Your options are your favourite social cause, a rainbow, your favourite club, your fraternity/sorority, some random uninspired scribbles or your favourite faculty other than Engineering.

A bus stop

Get a Translink bus stop tattoo in memory of those times the buses pass you by, leaving you feeling the most betrayed you’ve ever felt in your life.