QUIZ: Which residence building are you?

The Ubyssey is in its quiz era! Have you ever wondered “Hmmm, what residence would I be?” 

Well, us too. That’s why we’ve got you covered in this Buzzfeed-esque quiz. Take it and flex that you’re a cool residence compared to your boring old residence friends.

The results are totally, absolutely 100 per cent foolproof. Don’t let your residence contract tell you otherwise!

You’re hungover after throwing it back at The Pit, what’s your go to breakfast?

  1. Waffles! I’m all for leaning into the Canadian maple syrup trope.
  2. Man, I’m still nauseous… just pass me plain toast as I try not to hurl. 
  3. Food? In the morning? Excuse me, I subsist on coffee.
  4. IDK about you, but I’m catching the first bus to Jam Cafe
  5. I’ll have a bagel and some Timbits, please!

Okay, you got breakfast. Now how the fuck are you getting to class?

  1. My own two feet, you can’t rely on anyone these days.
  2. HOPR! I’m a premium member and too quirky to actually buy a bike!
  3. Call me a skater boy, I love my wheels
  4. The bus <3 Why would I want to be a pedestrian?
  5. I have class?

Congrats! You’re 10 minutes late, and the lecture’s begun. Your class is…

  1. In Buchanan D (I’m an Arts major, sadly)
  2. In the Forestry building! I love trees!
  3. In West Mall Swing Space with all my psych besties.
  4. In Sauder, duh, where else do UBC’s Jordan Belforts go?
  5. Online because I never leave my bed.

It’s still midterm season, bestie, so where can I find you pretending to study?

  1. Irrationally Krowded Building (IKB)
  2. Any Tim Horton’s on campus — man it’s the only time I see people!
  3. Mercante… They’ve actually got space there. I think.
  4. In a quaint indie cafe off campus.
  5. In my residence commonsblock, where everyone can see me.

And finally, what’s your biggest residence pet peeve?

  1. The elevator stopping at every floor.
  2. My roommates leaving their dishes in the sink for five weeks.
  3. The fact that my neighbours, their friends and their cats know when I’m getting laid.
  4. The! constant! fire! alarms! 
  5. Those godforsaken laundry machines.

Mostly 1s: Walter Gage

Like the metaphorical maple syrup that pairs with this four-pillared cement waffle, you can seem hard on the outside but are actually probably sweet. Patience is not your virtue since you only have 2 lifts going up 20 storeys, but you make it work! You’re probably in arts so Buchanan Tower has now unfortunately infiltrated your personal life, too. Don’t worry, when the rain comes, the outdoors will be less depressing for you than the indoors!

Mostly 2s: Thunderbird

You’re as old as the first stone of this campus and probably just as bitter, too. You’re the Main Mall Menace swerving through crowds on a bike, but I mean it’s your world and we’re just living in it. Forestry/LFS is what you study (remind me of the difference?) so whenever you see friends… it’s probably once a semester. 

Mostly 3s: Ponderosa

So you’re like, popular! Everybody loves you, you’ve got the hottest gossip and are quite literally the centre of attention on this very busy campus. You’re probably a social butterfly and constantly run into people you know, but unlike me you don’t try to unsuccessfully dodge them. You’ve got bros you high five in the elevator, and have never been late to a single class. And you’re actually a Domino’s fan… whenever you’re not drinking coffee.

Mostly 4s: Exchange

You’re cool, you’re chic and you’re an adventurer. The bus loop is basically home to you, so come rain or shine you are NOT about to be stuck on this campus even for a full calendar day. You look forward to UPass’s monthly reminders to load your Compass Card, and try to drag your friends to new places. I’d like to be your friend!

Mostly 5s: Saltwater

Okay, okay, new kid on the block! You’re probably so cozy in your cute new place that you’re taking all your classes online or doing your best to attend recorded lectures instead. Whenever you do go out, you like to bask in the public eye and are always looking to make a new friend. It’s a weird world, but you’ve got your optimism.