A phone charging station has been installed in the SUB

Are you a smartphone user? Do you often find your phone low on battery mid-way through the day? Are you philosophically opposed to bringing a charger to school and don't have any friends who can lend you one? If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, today is your lucky day.

Rouge Media has installed a phone charging station in the basement of the SUB. The station, conveniently (and intentionally, we're sure) located less than 30 feet from our office in the SUB basement, has two 30-pin Apple chargers (for iPhone 5s and newer) and three micro-USB cables, compatible with many other devices.

We've yet to see anyone using the station, so you probably won't have to fight too hard for a cable. If you don't know the location of our office well enough to use it as a landmark, the chargers are just beside the dive shop and just past Honour Roll and the tea shop. It's also just a few steps away from a seating area, so that you can recharge your phone and yourself simultaneously.