NBA Challenge trampoline hoop a slam dunk with students

I know. We couldn't resist.

Something called the All-Star NBA Challenge is coming to campus tomorrow, Saturday, January 23. To promote it, they set up a booth with a trampoline and a basketball hoop in the lower level of the Nest on Friday where many people took part in some sweet, sweet trampoline-assisted dunks.

The bigger picture here is the Bell All-Star Challenge that has been moving all the way across the country from Ontario and finally arriving at UBC. The doors to tomorrow’s events open at 11:45 a.m., and the “All-Star Challenges” start at noon with no charge for sign-ups. The challenges consist of a skills competition, a three-point shootout and a dunk contest. The prize is definitely worth it — a trip to Toronto, anyone?

Shareef Abdhur-Rahim, a former NBA and Vancouver Grizzlies player, is due to make an appearance at the games tomorrow. To attend the event itself, one needs to purchase reasonably-priced tickets, which grants you access to all the “NBA Challenge” events as well as the Thunderbird men’s and women’s doubleheader against the Regina Cougars.

Need tickets?