Is this the climbing wall? No, we're your student paper

As a former Ubyssey editor, I would like to disclose the most asked question at our office.

“Is this the climbing wall?”

With all due respect dear students, no, it’s not. We are UBC’s independent student-run newspaper. We cover all types of news on campus from hard-hitting news stories to satire.

And no, we most definitely do not climb any walls.

The other day, I posted an Instagram story tagging @ubyssey and my friend said, "I thought it said 'ubussy.'"

What is that supposed to mean?

Don’t get me wrong. I love climbing walls, bouldering and all that physical activity stuff. I was the sports + rec editor, after all. 

I decided that it's time that I ask the Aviary (that's the climbing wall in the Nest), "Is this The Ubyssey?"

When I went into the Aviary to ask if I can take photos for The Ubyssey’s Guide, they were all so sweet! They were really good at climbing the wall, too.

But I have spent too much time saying, "No. This isn't the Aviary. It's The Ubyssey," to not get you, dear reader, to walk into the Aviary and ask “Is this The Ubyssey?” 

So, help your girl out here. Go to the Aviary, ask them “Is this The Ubyssey?” and run away laughing manically. 

But if there’s one thing you should do at UBC besides go to the Aviary to bug them on my behalf, it’s write for The Ubyssey.

Join us. Contribute. Become a staff writer. Become a senior staff writer. Become an editor. And pitch something for blog and slay, like me!

Or get on the pitch list at least, so you are not on my bitch list (just kidding... not really though).



2020/21 & 2021/22 Sports + Rec Editor