How to ditch the dreary freshman 15

Maybe you’re a first-year student who’s starting to realize that this newfound freedom has led to you discovering your eternal love for different kinds of unhealthy food — especially pizza — and now those nice pants you got when shopping for college feel a tad tight. Or maybe you’re an upper-year student who tells all the first-years to be wary of cookies unless they want to live with regrets.

Anyhow, no mater who you are, we’re here to your rescue!

Don’t eat pizza everyday

Seriously, don’t. Everybody loves pizza from the bottom of their heart — but if you eat enough of it, that heart won’t be functioning for very long.

Eat a nice breakfast

Skipping breakfast can make you hungrier later in the day which means you’ll end up eating more and that’s probably going to be a lot of chips and salsa. So, set aside a quick 20 minutes to have something healthy like eggs, whole-grain cereal, or nuts. Don’t forget to eat an apple or two — unless you like going to the doctor.

Soda is here to stay

There’s nothing better than sugary drinks to make sure you’re not going to fit in your favourite outfit. It’s easy to forget that these drinks have calories that won’t disappear as quickly as you finish those cans of Coke. Keep yourself hydrated with water, drink low-fat milk or have some tea if you want to be fancy.


I know everybody’s rolling their eyes now, but you really do need to sleep. Yes, for everything. Absorbing all that midterm material or keeping a couple pounds at bay, you need it. Well, if you’re like many of us here, you probably can’t get a full night’s sleep, which means 7.5 to 9 hours, just in case you have the time. Instead, you can try to take naps during the day — 20 minutes and you’re golden!


I know it feels like you blink and a week is gone, but physical activity can work wonders for your overall health. So maybe try to fit it in your schedule?

Don’t eat because you’re bored

This is a no-no, so the next time you open that pack of cookies, ask yourself if you’re even hungry. Even better, stock up on some smart snacks: carrots and hummus, apples and peanut butter or Greek yoghurt.

Other resources

You can always use the amazing internet to find out more, but also did you know there’s a dietician you can meet or contact online if you live in UBC residences? Well, if you haven’t, now’s the time!