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As far as I or any student on the UBC campus can attest, the Chan center, Music Building, Frederick Wood Theater, and Belkin Art Gallery all exist somewhere on campus, maybe some of us even know where. Unfortunately


Straight from the opening shot, The Red Turtle tosses us into the blue, immersed in the violent, overwhelming moving-tapestry of a storm. It is here we meet our nameless protagonist, who soon washes ashore a small deserted island.


As an avid fan of the growing video essay industry it gives me great pleasure to say that one of its most passionate and long running creators, Kogonada, has made an admirable transition to feature film in his pleasant little debut, Columbus.


Pizza — one of college life’s laziest and greatest last resorts, second only to ramen. Its place in our daily life is so omnipresent that it was ultimately inevitable that some pretentious culture writer would take the time out of his week to overthink how important it is.

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