UPS staff 2022 Tova Gaster

Tova Gaster

Tova Gaster

Tova started writing for the Ubyssey in September 2020 as an online first year arts student. She writes for every section except for sports, and mostly reports on environmental governance, digital culture and on how resources for arts and information accessibility support community wellbeing. In her free time, you can find her hanging out at Sprouts or IKB, probably laughing at her own jokes. Got an event or creative project that The Ubyssey should cover, or a personal essay to share? Email them at with pitches and tips!

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Although expansive, the internet can also be a deceptive resource. When it comes to the more complicated aspects of sex — such as mature communication, kinks or healing from trauma — it can be helpful to interact with trusted experts and community members.

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