Sophia Russo

Science Editor 2021–23

Sophia is a Master of Neuroscience student with a passion for making science communication engaging, accessible, and accurate. When she isn't tirelessly working to determine the structure of her cherished proteins, she can be found around the office sporting a Canadian Tuxedo (denim on denim) and sharing some science puns. You can reach her at

Latest articles from Sophia Russo

black in healthcare panel flyer

“Beyond Representation: Celebrating Black Excellence in BC Healthcare” was organized by the Vancouver Coastal Health and UBC Faculty of Medicine’s Office of Respectful Environment, Diversity and Inclusion to spotlight the stories and achievements of Black medical practitioners in the UBC and Vancouver community.

Reality bites_Anya Anber Ameen

Philosophers have long debated the nature of reality. But thankfully, science can help armchair philosophers and brain aficionados alike better understand these centuries-old questions — and hopefully add some neuroscience to your daily existential crisis.

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