Shanai Tanwar

Senior Staff Writer

Shanai's tryst with The Ubyssey began in 2019 and has grown into a passionate affair ever since. When she isn't writing poetry, you can find Shanai petting dogs around campus or at The Pit. Her work for blog includes Love Nest (a dating column!), spunky pieces on campus life and following Kip the Coyote.

Latest articles from Shanai Tanwar

20220119 a ameen love nest

Since you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you, at least to some degree, identify as a romantic. The problem for romantics like us is that we are often labelled cliché. Rightfully so, too — when you’re in love, everything feels like it’s out of a fairytale, every moment is a tableau and every word is poetry.

20230303 i janmohamed pit

It’s sweaty and full of bodily fluids. It’s dark, humid and has the scent of something that died a few days ago. It’s full of all kinds of hair and other unmentionables… it’s the Pit on a Wednesday evening.

2023 sex issue-5164

For almost the entirety of my university career, the only constant in my love life — aside from proclaiming “I’m never downloading a dating app again!” and then doing exactly that — has been heartbreak.

20220119 a ameen love nest

I’ve recently found somebody who is willing to deal with my insanity all the time — voluntarily (I have a boyfriend)! So, now that I have field experience with showing him around campus, I knew I had to list some verified PDA-hotspots for you love birds to nest in too.

doom scrolling internet phone technology

The unspeakable has happened. In an ill-fated Facebook post earlier this week, UBC Confessions announced that it would officially be closing its doors and ending this chapter in the university’s history.

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