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A man yelled at us on one of our last walks together. He was shouting at me for holding hands on the street with a man with the softest, most electrifying skin I had ever touched.


After interviewing the sources that the news editors provided for me, I was at the next barrier of writing my first article for The Ubyssey and being scared shitless — having many questions that could only be answered in person by the editors.


We finally got to a point where the hikers coming down all said it would take less than ten minutes for us to reach the top; we had stopped asking about time frame’s because everyone replied with contrasting times and it made us confused and tired.


The second annual Tri-University Graduate Student Colloquium for Theatre, Film and Performance Research is taking place on the UBC Vancouver campus on April 29 and 30. The conference seeks to analyze theatre from an academic standpoint.

The Valley

If you look at the subject matter in most of my plays, a lot of them are rooted in social justice issues. The Valley very much fits that. At the end of the day, all my plays first and foremost follow the lens of family to look at those things.

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