Pawan Minhas

Pawan Minhas

2020/21 Coordinating Editor | 2019/20 Features Editor

What would Pawan do? His best. Ubyssey forever.


“When it comes to any relationship, romantic or otherwise, there’s always going to be a kind of tug-o’-war between the two people regarding the quirks that don’t quite mesh.”

‘Why don’t I remember this from class? I totally bombed this part on the midterm! My university career is being torn down by this single equation.’ These are all things that seem to run through our heads when we finally dive into our notes and see the veritable Everest of things we have to cover.

A few short weeks before my graduation in May 2016, the wind started blowing a little harder in a different direction, and twenty-foot flames started eating up my town. Trees burned, gas stations exploded, and 70,000 people clamoured to get away.

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