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“Doing a PhD was totally on my radar, but I wasn’t thinking of going to Oxford necessarily until I started looking more into the program. Then the question became, if I didn’t get Rhodes, would I still apply to the PhD program independently?”

CiTR studio recording

To celebrate UBC's 100-year legacy, CiTR is airing a series of ten radio documentaries which utilize more than 890 reel-to-reel audio tapes from over sixty years of Student Radio Society of UBC. They focus on everything from hip hop to accessibility.


This year, the AMS will host sets from a mixture of old favourites and new discoveries. Melt, MGH! Layten Kramer, Lido, Oh Wonder and Vince Staples will take to the stage on the last day of classes. Tickets go on sale Monday, March 21.


The farcical tale tells of corrupt town officials’ terrified reaction of the news that an incognito inspector will soon be arriving in their town to investigate them, resulting in a flurry of chaotic activity to cover up their considerable misdeeds.


Samantha So beat Hussam Zbeeb and Andrew Liang to the post of AMS Academic and University Affairs. "I'm so psyched," said So. "I'm really eager to carry out the things that I planned out and learned during my election."

The Tenors

“It’s awesome to have such a range of colours available with a range like this. We’re honoured to be nominated among such incredible Canadian talent,” said Walters on his nomination that includes Canadian greats such as Diana Krall and Johnny Reid.

vp academic debate 2016

Candidates Hussam Zbeeb, Samantha So and Andrew Liang went head-to-head in a debate to become the new VP academic and university affairs. The candidates used the debate to try and set themselves apart from each other.

Tech and sex

Look at my Tinder profile. I’m a fun-loving, confident, witty, charming and adorable 21 year-old, or that’s what I’ll have you believe. I didn’t write anything in my bio — I don’t want to look like the keen one.

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