UPS staff 2022 Michael Vento

Michael Vento

Michael Vento

Michael started writing for The Ubyssey in 2022. He mainly contributes to the news section of the paper. Being a political science student, he especially loves learning and writing about UBC's governing bodies, particularly the UBC Senate. Feel free to contact him at


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North Kingston WTHI

There’s a coastal stretch of land inside the smallest state in the US. It sits along an oceanic passage as if hugging the brisk Atlantic. It’s a sub-rural area but large enough in size that it stretches halfway across the state. It’s quaint, sunny, lively and historic. It’s nothing like busy, fast-paced Vancouver.

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A new nine-week pilot project, the Food Hub Market, recently launched in the CIRS building. On February 16, the project began, providing low cost groceries to anyone on the UBC Vancouver campus.

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