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You might never want to even think about rats, much less study them, but that’s exactly what UBC graduate students are doing in the Downtown Eastside with their Vancouver Rat Project. UBC’s School of Population and Public Health (SPPH) held a talk on rats and public health in Vancouver as part of their Grand Rounds lecture series.


The Totem Forest is a tranquil sanctuary tucked away from the commotion of campus life. Wandering among the fragrant cedar trees is a great way to de-stress — but nature-lovers may notice a sanctuary dedicated to a different kind of relaxation.


Mental health issues affect a lot of students, and dealing with them can be both difficult and frustrating. Although they can’t take the place of tools like therapy and medication, these apps can help on a daily basis and in-between appointments.

Christmas Tree

It’s the holiday season and that means it’s time to listen to ridiculous music and revel in the festive atmosphere. Unfortunately, it also means that the days are getting darker and shorter. Even worse, final exams and papers are looming.

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