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David Speight, Our Campus

“Are we at 100 per cent? Absolutely not. But we want to be challenged by it ... [so that] we can become better. We hear [students and staff] loud and clear — they want fresh, healthy ingredients and we’re transitioning to that.”

Daniel Kim, Our Campus

Pop Danthology 2012 received approximately 80 million views. “The success of this one project actually cannibalized my entire channel and OCPD blog. It’s not giving me the voice I want to have — it’s just mixing other people’s voices.”


The project began as a way for computer science majors Subion and Zhu to fill what they thought was an unmet need for students: a tool to connect with classmates, check past grades for courses and get into preferred sections.


One of the goals of the Our Campus section is to offer exclusive insight into the lives of UBC’s hidden stars. From a cello-loving president to the chef hitting the refresh button, I’ve compiled a list of the top six Our Campus stories of 2016.


Sure, we’re all university students who are learning what it takes to be accountable. [Even so], the AUS is failing to meet any sort of professional standard. That’s just unfair to the 12,000 undergraduate students who fund their agenda.


Steven Yzerman is overhauling the food truck menus. The first to get a culinary update is Roaming Bowl, with its new menu that was introduced on November 7. All five trucks will be offering new food items by the end of January 2017.

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