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If it wasn’t obvious already by the noodle experience the night before, we knew very little Japanese, and by very little, I mean absolutely none. There must have been 25 different train lines, each more confusing than the previous one.

Off we went up the gondola, all bundled up in our snow gear and squished-in like a can of sardines, to the top of Grouse Mountain. After the short trip up, we strapped on our snowshoes and took off into the foggy winter wonderland spread out in front

The early morning drive was beautiful; fog lifting off the mountains in the distance and trees with falling leaves accompanied our drive through North Vancouver. It was officially autumn; my favourite time of the year. The early birds were already ou

We arrive at Buntzen lake and begin the arduous process of taking the canoe off the truck; not an easy task for one person who’s five-foot-two, one person with a hurt shoulder, and the last getting annoyed at the incompetency of the other two.

Sunscreen? Check. Water bottles? Check. Absurd idea to go hiking in 33 degree heat? Check! We began the day at 7am to beat the campers and lake-goers heading to Alouette Lake, all hoping to make the day spent in the sweltering sun more manageable.

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