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Put a towel down. Or don’t, and just make sure you’ve got a change of sheets ready if you ever have guests over. Period blood is sterile — there’s nothing to worry about unless the sight of blood makes you faint.

Nervous about introducing toys to your partner? Familiarize yourself with the toy on your own time, so if your partner’s not into it, you can still have fun.

“We recognise that sexuality and sexual health is part of people’s life experience and it’s part of their well being, and self-care is a part of that,” said Unruh. “Whether you’re having sex or not.”

Look, I’m not about to go out and say that UBC is lacking. I’m just saying we don’t have something Harvard, Stanford and Columbia all have. I know it’s been on your mind, so I’ll say what you’re already thinking — a kink club.

They took on Brown as the first-ever female editor at the magazine, despite the fact that she had no experience editing. As editor-in-chief, she completely turned Cosmo around. Those bright cover girls eyeing you in the grocery store? Her work.

We don't always have evidence of the tool itself. There are records of wood, leather, unripe bananas, bone and more. No matter how overwhelming your local sex shop’s dildo arsenal may be, they got nothing on human history.

For a G-rated demonstration of how it works, wrap a piece of string around the tip of your finger. You can expect your finger to swell a little, turn red, and feel warm and achy under pressure. The effects on a penis are similar to this.

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