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The internet was where Nardwuar’s career truly exploded, with his unconventional interview style and trademark tam o’shanter hat becoming iconic. If you’ve never watched one of his interviews, it feels like a breath of fresh air after years of canned questions. His research is world-renowned, springing guests with questions about their fifth-grade teachers, and giving them gifts from deep in their personal lives.

NYC Subway

Taking a quick walk along the banks of the East River, we made our way back through Williamsburg, pausing to peer in the window of the Peter Luger Steakhouse, like a pair of modern Charlie Buckets.


Let’s face it, everyone has to leave the house in something, provided they want to keep a roof over their head and all of their toes. There’s no way around it, you have to at least wear shoes and pants — maybe a t-shirt for picture day.


At 8 a.m. on October 24, some one thousand people will be right there with you, ready to pack into the back of the bus, not even waiting to hear that immortal “please move to the rear of the bus” — head on over there if you’re a transit martyr.


When I was a kid and we would visit Nana Chestney, it always meant the Natural History Museum — the greatest in the worst — and a whole hell of a lot of British candy. Being above the legal drinking age, this trip meant pints and a whole hell of a lot of British candy (I would kill and die for Colin the Caterpillar).

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Viruses have gained the power to steer democracy and target institutions, including universities, with an abundance of sensitive and valuable information.


My name is Jack and I’m a hypebeast. When I’m walking down the street and see a guy in a pair of Yeezys or Balenciaga sneakers, my heart skips a beat. I can’t help it. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of money.

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