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From the world’s largest vertical jail being built in New York, developers buying up the most historic block of Montreal’s Chinatown, to pressures of gentrification and displacement in Toronto and Vancouver, Big Fight in Little Chinatown captures paralleling crises against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and rise in anti-Asian racism.

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On this particular day, the informal court — the small, unmarked stretch of concrete with by two hoops near the HEBB building — is relatively empty. From an urban planning perspective, spaces for informal sports are integral to a healthy community.

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I learn to swear reading Catcher in the Rye / in Chinese, 10 years old and foreign / in a country called the Motherland.

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Beauty has always felt like this incomprehensible, elusive thing, forever outside of my reach. Running around with a tangled mane of hair and dirt on my face, what did beauty matter?

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Going abroad for university can be an exciting experience. It can also create a longing for the home left behind — especially if loved ones back home are experiencing hardship. Here are the stories of two UBC international students whose time in Canada has led them to reshape their definitions of home.

Game of Telephone Shuya Pan illustration

I have come a long way since entering university. But this is only because of my own stubbornness and the support from people who made a difference by their own volition.

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