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Iman Janmohamed

Iman Janmohamed

Opinion + Blog Editor 2022/23 Features Editor 2023/24 Between classes, you can find Iman editing an article, interviewing a source, elbows-deep in policy or researching for her thesis. Iman has reported on almost everything from volleyball to the toxic drug crisis. She was shortlisted for the Canadian University Press's 2023 Feature Writing Award for her reporting on sexual misconduct policy. You can email her at, or find her on twitter @imanjanmohamed.

Wash Your Hands Of My Blood

The village that brought Wash Your Hands of My Blood to the ConnectHER Film Festival with only two months of writing and filming, consisted of Anahita Seraji, Aakanksha Sahu, Param Tahilramani, Nixita Taneja, Shriya Chamarty, Ziyaan Virji, Sidharth Grover, Maria Gimenez, Amanda Blake, Jin Lee and Isha Sacheti.

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