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UBC’s old auditorium is filled with chatter as attendees shuffle into their seats and prepare to drift off into 18th century Italy. The overture crescendos through the hall, filling the empty spaces with cautious yet vibrant and celebratory tunes.


The exhibit opens up into a dark room and immediately transfers the viewer into a carnival-like atmosphere of magic and storytelling. Each selection of puppets is carefully staged as if during a live performance, with theater chairs and even a green lawn provided for the ultimate immersive experience.


Only during a hectic summer of French classes was I able to discover that eating French food makes you better at French stuff… or at least it gives you an incentive to study, and maybe even reduce the use of Google translate.


I begin my skeptical journey by dipping my toe into the world of specialty drinks. Ode to the latte, a drink of unmatched simplicity and jiggly foam — how I will miss thee.


This scone maybe good for the soul, but not for heart health. Struggling to push aside a few nagging facts from my summer nutrition course, I dive into yet another scone, only justified by the fact that I’m writing a review about it.

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