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Youth-in-care — Aziz Sonawalla

According to a 2017 report by the BC Representative for Children and Youth (RCY), 6,950 children and youth are “in care” in the province, and 524 of those youth have aged out of care since 2016. 23 of those individuals attend UBC. What are their experiences like?

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Every AMS election candidate running for exec positions is entitled to be reimbursed for a certain amount of money. It’s more complicated than just getting free money, though. Regulating campus spending is hard and cash can't buy you an election.

Sally Lin

This evening at the Pit, it was announced that Sally Lin, one of two candidates for AMS VP external this year, has won the position of VP External against Dario Garousian. Lin’s platform consisted of three main pillars.

Car2go, co2, sensor

It turns out Car2gos are useful for more than just avoiding overcrowded busses. Scientists are using them to map CO2 around Vancouver. UBC researchers have developed a method to map carbon dioxide emissions in cities by using new mobile sensors.

Sally Lin, AMS Elections, VP External

Sally Lin is currently one of two candidates running for the position of VP External in this year’s AMS Elections. Lin’s platform consists of three key points — academic affordability, better student housing and accessible transit.

Dario Garousian, AMS Elections, VP External

Dario Garousian is a third-year political science and psychology major. He has presented a three-part platform consisting of what he refers to on his website as “lobbying for you, fair and open external office, and fiscal plan and costing.”


Yesterday’s AMS Elections Great Debate started off with the two candidates for VP External — Sally Lin and Dario Garousian. The first question posed to both candidates asked how each of them planned on addressing transit strains for students.

AMS Debate, AMS Elections

This year’s candidates for VP External, Sally Lin and Dario Garousian, attended this afternoon’s debate in the Lev Burkhan Theatre from 2 – 4:30 p.m. They discussed issues ranging from student engagement to transit.

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“Advocating for improved funding to post-secondary education remains a priority for the AMS and we will be looking for all BC political parties to make this a priority in the May provincial elections,” wrote AMS VP External Kathleen Simpson.

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