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My Blackness is not to be diminished by those who wish I had kept it trapped. I am allowed to celebrate my lineage and my history because my experience is more valid than your prejudice.

At UBC, a second-year graduate student at the Social Justice Institute, Savoy Williams, brought forward an allegation of racial profiling by a security guard, raising questions about the role of policing here in Vancouver. Two years ago, former UBC Thunderbirds football player, Jamiel Moore-Williams was tackled and repeatedly tasered by seven police officers from the Vancouver Police Department for a jaywalking violation. Recently, former Board of Governors Chair Michael Korenberg resigned after receiving backlash for liking anti-Black tweets. Despite this, the Black community at UBC is fighting. Not just for survival or acknowledgement, but the right to thrive: to partake in a freedom that celebrates and foregrounds all Black lives.

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