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If your idea of Debate Society is a room full of aggressive argumentative people shouting at each other, you couldn’t be more wrong. The Debate Society instructs and mentors students on how to be better speakers as well as cultivates their quick-thinking logic skills.


Chased by violent debt collectors, Borealis is a father-daughter road trip that brings humour without any of the traditional conventions of a typical road trip comedy.


In The Lobster the theme of “love is blind” is taken to whole new level. However, as much as The Lobster is about love, at the same time it isn’t. Although hilarious in every moment, the overall message of the film can be interpreted as quite cynical.


Whether or not the writers of London Road are aware, the residents of Ipswich casually declare their detestation for the prostitutes and hold them responsible for the murders in their neighbourhood.


Based on the best-selling novel written by Irish-Canadian author Emma Donoghue (also the film’s screenwriter), Room is a faithful adaption that fans of the book and others new to the material will adore.


With little to no conflict, there is a lack of emotional investment as the audience continues to wonder where exactly this story is going. The touching family moments are then lost in meandering and seemingly directionless plot.


When asked for a description of ATSEA, Omar Prazhari, third-year Arts student and creator of the band, quickly responded with, “Five sad boys making happy music.”


Afghan Horsemen Restaurant’s Dine Out menu was pleasant, but not outstanding by any means. From all the hype that surrounded the restaurant, perhaps a better dining experience can be achieved by ordering off the regular menu.


On the spectrum of volunteering opportunities available to students, one end offers an experience that emphasizes personal satisfaction for the volunteer. At the other end is a prioritization of learning and long-term development for the community.

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