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Now that you’ve tried our fact vs. myth quiz, did you do as well as you thought? Still confused about a few of the questions? The Great Wall is not visible from space, vaccines don't cause autism and bats can see.


Have your parents every convinced you to have that heavy winter coat because “the cold will make you sick?” Have they also told you that drinking alcohol kills your brains cells? We’ve all heard these claim — or similar ones — before. They are myths.


Do you consider yourself better at science than the average American? In 2014, the National Science Foundation released its report on science and technology, which included a set of 11 questions designed to test America’s scientific knowledge.


At some point in students’ academic careers, many people contemplate volunteering in a lab. What many students don’t realize is that many professors are on the lookout for enthusiastic, willing and able students to participate in their research.

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