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I saw them exchange glances and judgements as we spoke. As my friends and I broke down standing at the back of the room and among the councilors, some council members were smirking. I thought to myself, what is bringing them joy in this moment? Is it our fear? Our ability to risk our lives by speaking up and exposing ourselves to the council? Or is it their fear?

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If you get cold sores, you have herpes. If you get cold sores, you have herpes. If you get cold sores, you have herpes. There, I said it.

The strongest man in the world rolando hinojosa

Our first date was one of endurance. We walked for hours downtown and my shoulder grew tired from the regret of putting so much stuff in my bag in an earlier fit of nerves.


A city filled of simplistic splendour, Love, poetry, sorrow, kindness, This is what makes Basra.


Now, here we are: on our third date about to make love for the first time. It’s then that he tells me he hasn’t been with anyone since he was sick.


On a quiet summer night, I fucked a stranger who called me Tinkerbell. He was very, very tall and talked in a low, simple manner that made you think he was dumber than he probably was.


The website “So, I had an abortion…” launched this January with the intention of de-stigmatizing the topic of, well, abortion, while also providing a forum for people to share their stories. The project is the creation of Julia Santana Parrilla.


The first time I did meth, I didn’t even know that it was crystal meth that I'd until 16 hours later. I mean, I knew that I was on some powerful drug — after all, it did let me have sex for 12 hours straight with four different guys.

But in my second year, my roommate and I decided we wanted to a) break free from needing to interact with other humans at parties and b) be self-sufficient and mature adults.

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