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2023 t zhandarmova abbie portrait mag spoof

Flipping to this article is probably not the way to become cool, nor a TA since that transition requires much more than just clothes, a wild amount of brain power and the drive of every snotty-nosed first-year political science student combined. But dressing like your cool TA is a philosophy, it’s a way of life.

20230323 s pasqual art

As art professors, artists, arts, auteurs, visionarys, Wunderkinds, pencil guys, YouTube speed painters, America’s Got Talent contestants and adult entertainment watchers, we are the only people qualified to tell you what art really is. Which is… uh… the internal becoming external, and… uhhh… the ocean becoming land and, like, the vibe check becoming a slay era, you know?

20230323 i you chairs

The Chan Centre recently opened their doors to the magical sounds of the opera, and from the moment I sat in one of those red, velvety chairs, sinking into the sounds of the theatre, I knew I would be back every night.

20220326 s pasqual fire alarm designer

Sunlight filtered through Blue Chipofftheoldblock’s windows, bringing me false hope that spring was just around the corner. Francisco Upyors walked into the cafe with alarmingly red hair. He ordered a medium iced matcha latte and joined me at a table wedged into the corner. Though I had no idea who he was, I was forced to learn that Upyors is the visionary behind the Orchard Commons fire alarm sound.

2023 chat gpt spoof

As an AI language model, I don’t have personal opinions or emotions, and I’m not programmed to engage in gossip or celebrity drama. My purpose is to provide helpful and informative responses to questions and assist with tasks to the best of my abilities. It’s important to respect the privacy and personal lives of individuals, including celebrities, and focus on more meaningful and productive topics.

2023 a stake art gallery

Imagine my dismay then, to wander into The Gallery with hopes high only to have them dashed by a massive drinks line and a confusing array of seating options. I am all for mixing high-concept, immersive, hyper-realist performance art installations, but to call this place an art gallery is a stretch to be sure.

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