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The frayed threads of her blouse unravel and twist into feathers that coat her flailing arms until they become wings. Her calloused toes transform into gleaming talons that slice through her secondhand shoes.

Even now in Vancouver, UBC is home to the gulls. They perch themselves outside of the Nest, eating student leftovers from the turf — competing with the racoons — then ascend through the wind towards the ocean. I find so much comfort in knowing that they are everywhere.

When my mind can make out the peacock’s feathers vividly enough, the eyes almost wink, as if to acknowledge the grip that they have on the woes of maternal love.

At UBC, changing perceptions about Queerness in engineering frequently falls on the shoulders of students or student-run clubs like Gears and Queers.

Students have continued to rally for increases in funding from protesting to creating their own initiatives and through AMS advocacy — with student politicians securing substantial funding for the food bank this year and continuing work on an agreement with UBC for permanent funding.

There’s an entire community working together, and through child-sized, yet critical steps, UBC Child Care is nurturing inclusivity in a new generation — at a price people can afford.

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