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20230918 b guo winnipeg

My family moved to Winnipeg when I was seven — another family in a long migration of those leaving their homes to start again in what seemed like an isolated tundra. We subscribed to all the Filipino things available to us in Canada: church, any bakery with good pandesal and other Filipinos.

20230614 a ameen spilt milk

And when I finally succeeded in escaping my hometown, I became crudely aware of my origin. “I am from Pune,’’ is a line I will be repeating until one day I give up, seeing people’s confusion and just say Mumbai. It’s easier — geographic simplifications never hurt anyone.

20230628 ubyssey archives queer cover

While putting together this issue, we decided to take a look back at how Pride has been represented in The Ubyssey in years past. One piece we found was a paper published on February 5, 1998, coordinated by Pride UBC — that year’s Pride issue.

20230624 anita wigl'it courtesy

Before she was a drag queen, Anita Wigl’it had a job that was, at times, “boring.” But then, she ushered the Australian classic Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and a seemingly normal shift and show would forever changed her life. The then-twenty-year-old saw something in that theatre that she had never seen before — drag queens on stage.

20230608 w shams running

I always believed I was someone whose life was in constant motion — at least that’s what I believed when I first left Vancouver in May of last year. And yet, seeing the familiar Vancouver grid come into view from above, I discovered a discomforting warmth arising with my arrival “home.”

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