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Christmas with kosta

It’s the end of the term and my grades are shitter than I thought they would be and I know my parents are going to be way less than thrilled at the marks I’m bringing home. What should I do?”


Mr. Reymann quotes from Nietzsche that those fighting the monster should take care not to become one. But he seems to have forgotten the rest of Nietzsche's lessons: Behind words lurk the struggles of politics.


Recent years have brought on a new kind of assault on civilized discourse by a group I have heard collectively termed as the “regressive left”: individuals — largely young adults 18-30 — so progressive they have become a threat to the liberal values that birthed them.


Since it operates as a business, it is entirely understandable why the university would choose to silence survivors of sexual assault in the interest of preserving their brand, securing profit and attracting the support of stakeholders.


Professor of anthropology Charles Menzies took to Twitter to trash the Hotline Bling project put on by Dive Into UBC, The Calendar and the AMS.

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