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From the emails warning that the hot water is undrinkable, the yellow-tinged or cloudy hot water flowing out of the tap, to the endless mental reminders to pull the lever to the right and up for cold water in lieu of hot water, UBC Risk Management Services has made it abundantly clear that hot water in certain buildings is not safe for consumption.

Fall reading break would keep you from studying in the nest maybe.

In keeping with the time-honoured tradition of UBC students begging for a fall reading break that never materialises, it seems that 2018 is not going to look any different. As it stands, UBC and McGill are the only major Canadian universities to not have reading breaks.

Speeches before the flag raising that opens UBC PRIDEweek. 12 January 2018

The Pride flag was raised today in the courtyard between Brock Hall and the Life Building (Old SUB) to commemorate the start of PRIDEweek, a “week-long celebration of queer and trans identities” at UBC.

Inside the Old SUB

The Life Building — previously the Old SUB — is back in business as of January 3. But it is only partly operational, as this reopening was just the first of many in a series of major move-in dates that will follow throughout the semester.

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