Georgia Straight readers think Pi R Squared is third-best place for food on campus


In what has become a yearly tradition, The Georgia Straight recently released their 2014 Golden Plates Readers’ Choice Winners. The categories range from “Best Pub” to “Best Restaurant to Cure a Hangover” to “Best Restaurant for a First Date with Somebody You Met Online,” but there were also a couple that related to UBC. And the results were interesting.

Best Place for Food on Campus

  1. Mahony & Sons
  2. The Delly
  3. Pi R Squared

Let’s just skip the first two right away and fly right down to number three. Pi R isn’t even the best pizza place on campus (that honour goes to Mercante, or possibly Fresh Slice). It’s basically the place you go to when you’re in a rush, it’s the only place open (which it typically is on weeknights and Sundays), or don’t give a shit about your diet. Sure, some of their pizza is pretty good, but for every tasty slice of pepperoni there seems to be a slice of “dump whatever ingredients we have in the back” that is undercooked.

The title of the section doesn’t specifically refer to the quality of the food, so maybe its podium position was heavily influenced by its convenience and speed. However, there are places on campus that are nearly as quick and taste as just as good. The Gallery, Bernoulli’s Bagels, Honour Roll — even The Moon is possibly better. And that doesn’t even consider the places in the Village.

As for the other two, yes Mahonys probably has the best quality of food on campus, battling it out for that honour with Sage Bistro and perhaps Koerner’s new menu. But what students actually go there? Its menu is way above most students’ price range, as even a pitcher of beer is much more expensive than it needs to be. However, the category doesn’t specify that it is the best place for students to get food, and the restaurant is a much more popular destination for faculty and staff. So I guess that was the opinion that won out.

With the silver medal winner, it’s glad to see that The Delly received some well-deserved recognition. Every weekday they offer a great variety of hot and cold foods for reasonable prices, and you can get the food relatively quickly as well. You could perhaps call it a bit of a hidden gem in the basement of the SUB, although when it’s Cheap Delly on Fridays after 3 p.m. it seems that half of campus swarms there to pick the shelves clean.

Best University/College Pub/Lounge

  1. Koerner’s Pub
  2. Mahony & Sons
  3. The Pit Pub

With only four bars on campus, it looks like The Gallery drew the short straw in this category. With the absence of Koerner’s last year they were slotted in the third spot, while Mahonys and the Pit each bumped up a ranking.

For the food, the top three remains unchanged from last year. Two years ago the Delly took home top honours, while the now-defunct Pendulum came second and Pita Pit came third. I don’t know what’s worse to have on there, Pita Pit or Pi R Squared…(also happy Pi day.)

UBC Okanagan stickers on campus: the start of a sticker war?

It looks like UBC Okanagan might have finally had enough. After constantly living in the shadow of their Point Grey sibling, repeatedly losing in sporting events and living with the reputation as being a home for UBC-Vancouver rejects, it appears that they’re finally going after us. And they’re doing it by… posting stickers around campus.

A few UBCO stickers popped up on campus over the weekend, and no one seems sure as to where they came from or what their purpose is. However, despite them being in prominent locations, they haven’t been removed yet.

The Instagram photo taken by sandyxjwuu_ shows one cleverly posted on the Brock Hall sign:

This one was found in the Koerner Library elevator by Photo Editor Carter Brundage:


Anyone seen any other ones on campus? Or anyone have any idea what the story is behind this stick madness? This is important business at hand. A sticker war just might be beginning.

Acceptance gifts: what perks do incoming students get from schools?

When accepted into Brock University, except to receive this bag of confetti as well. Photo janw92 / Reddit

When accepted into Brock University, except to receive this bag of confetti as well. Photo janw92 / Reddit

If you’re a fellow UBC student reading this, it’s certain that you’ve experienced at least one acceptance letter in your lifetime. And right now, it’s about that time of year when senior high school students are waiting to see their own acceptance (and unfortunately sometimes, rejection) letters. But some universities go above and beyond their responsibility to inform students of their acceptance; some add a unique touch to go along with the good news.

One of the longest traditions of acceptance gifts is held by Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. Over 20 years ago, a local businessman came up with the idea to send Walla Walla onions, a local treasure of the city that are notorious for their unusually sweet taste, to welcome incoming freshman at the liberal arts school. Every year since then, close to 400 students have received a box of six Walla Walla onions. While onions may not seem like the best present, we’re told that students put them to good use in soups and other treats, and some say you can eat them as is like an apple. Unconventional is sometimes the best way to go!

Some universities play up the element of humour. The Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan sends a single sock along with their acceptance letter, and if the acceptance is confirmed, the matching sock is given to the student upon their arrival at the school. St. Bonaventure University in western New York sends out T-shirts, and MIT sends a tube with a poster and confetti inside. Brock University in Ontario also sends out a bag of confetti, with instructions to “1) Read your offer of admission, 2) Open confetti package above, and 3) Throw confetti and do your happy dance… you’re in!”

This trend has been noticed by other colleges and universities, who are also making subtle efforts to entice students. Baylor University in Texas, Rutgers University in New Jersey and Elon University in North Carolina have been sending out certificates that are fancy enough to be framed. Decals, bumper stickers, translucent envelopes (Mercyhurst University), and “Phat packages” (Ithaca College) are also now among the contenders for unique acceptances.

And besides presents, some universities have tried to keep in touch with our ‘digital’ generation. Baylor has been sending out congratulatory text messages, while Elon University emails a link to a video of cheering crowds and a congratulatory message. Binghamton University, University of Georgia and Bryn Mawr College have followed these digital trends.

All this is great fun, but there’s a big difference between locally valued onions and text messages letting you know about an academic decision that’s going to shape the next four-plus years of your life. Students reporting their enthusiasm for unique confetti-filled packages or T-shirts have alarmed universities that a simple, unique touch accompanying acceptance letters — even with minimal effort — can increase student preference for their universities.

What started out as a unique touch, a local treasure has now become another consumer trend to lure students in. This intrinsically invaluable moment of pride that students ought to feel upon being congratulated and accepted into a place of learning is now being commodified. It’s easy to get lost amidst so many people, so many course offerings and so many buildings, and universities commodifying our experience certainly doesn’t help. So, for you students reading this, take a moment to remember the intrinsic value of your education.

UBC to name campus square after Money

There will be Money outside the UBC Bookstore. Photo Will McDonald / The Ubyssey

There will be Money outside the UBC Bookstore. Photo Will McDonald / The Ubyssey

It’s no secret money plays a big role in the naming of campus buildings, but UBC is putting Money in the new name of the area outside the bookstore near the new alumni centre.

The square will be called the Money & Raymond M.C. Lee Square after a $5,250,000 donation from Raymond and Money Lee. Money is actually the first name of a real person who is married to Raymond Lee. The name has the approval of UBC’s naming committee, though it seems unlikely students will call the area anything other than Money square.

$5 million of their donation will go to UBC’s new alumni centre, with the remaining $250,000 used to develop the square.

Raymond Lee is an alum of UBC who graduated 1993 and went on to start a successful paper manufacturing company. He has donated millions of dollars to schools and charities in Hong Kong and China, and will soon receive an honorary degree from UBC.

The link to the documents with the info: Naming Report 3.4 Money Raymond MC Lee Square

Calling all Apple hipsters: update your computer

File photo Kai Jacobson / The Ubyssey

File photo Kai Jacobson / The Ubyssey

Some time ago, somebody discovered a massive flaw in Apple OS X and iOS’s secure networking protocols. Last week, Apple admitted to this problem in an update to iOS and released a fix for OS X yesterday.

Yawnfest, right? Well, what that really means is that your out-of-date computer could be broadcasting your credit card number and personal information to thieves on campus, without your knowledge.

It’s called a man-in-the-middle attack. In this case, Mac’s are getting a little too friendly, and instead of only shaking hands and sending your credit card information to the place you want it to go, it will shake hands with anybody. All it requires is for the thief to be within wifi range, and they can even pass it on to its intended destination, so you don’t even know it’s happening.

It could also mean the thief could steal your Campus Wide Login (CWL). Even if you don’t care about someone knowing your GPA, this could wreak havoc, especially since your Social Insurance Number, bank account information and address are all accessible via the Student Service Centre (SSC).

UBC would be a perfect place to implement this sort of attack. While the network that most students connect to “ubcsecure” is safe, connecting to “ubcvisitor” could put your information at risk.

Luckily, Apple has quickly patched both OS X and iOS to stop it. So go update your computer for once, this time it’s kind of important. Check your email for how to do it, or follow this link.

UBC students welcomed back to a snowy day at Point Grey

UBC students went through a range of emotions when it came to the snow that fell on campus over the weekend and continued over to today.

First, it was the pleading for a snow day.

UBC students stand up for rights of LGBT peoples in Russia

Sign-holders, left to right: Rié Yasumiishi, Gregory Rosebrugh, Jolene Mcelwain, Chad Walters, Manmeet Saran and Ricquelle Germain, flanked by supporters. Photo Sarah Bigam / The Ubyssey

Sign-holders, left to right: Rié Yasumiishi, Gregory Rosebrugh, Jolene Mcelwain, Chad Walters, Manmeet Saran and Ricquelle Germain, flanked by supporters. Photo Sarah Bigam / The Ubyssey

A group of social work students got together at Martha Piper Plaza today to stand up for the rights of LGBT peoples in Russia.

The demonstration coincides both with the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and UBC Outweek.

“We’re finding out more and more about violence towards LGBT Russians,” said participant Gregory Rosebrugh. Russia introduced their anti-gay propaganda law last June, and violence against LGBT people in the country has increased since then.

Russia is one of only about 80 countries that persecutes homosexual and trans* people, sometimes by death. “In a way this could be about a lot of other countries,” he said. “This could be Algeria, it could be Sierra Leone.”

He said that the increasing strictness of Canada’s policy for granting refugee status will make it more difficult for LGBT people trying to leave these countries to escape persecution.

During the first two hours of the demonstration the sign-holders got into an argument with a Russian man on campus, who said that LGBT was a religion like any other and that their demonstration was a form of religious persecuting.

“We thought [that] was offensive to both LGBT and to religion,” Roseburgh said.

Organizer Chad Walters said that the colorful protest is a preview for a larger silent vigil the group intends to hold at the Vancouver art gallery downtown on Feb. 22.

MISSING: Letters from Sauder’s sign

IMG_8851_2014_Steven Richards

Photo Steven Richards/The Ubyssey

It doesn’t have quite the same impact as spray-painting profanity on the front of the building, but a certain somebody or somebodies stole a bunch of letters from the Sauder School of Business sign. It’s not clear if this was some kind of anti-business (or very belated anti-rape?) protest, if someone just hated a handful of specific letters or if this was just a case of a bored student and a flimsy sign.

In any case, I’m sure there’s some big reward for returning the letter, what with Sauder being a business school and such.

P.S.: If you look closely, you can still see most of the outline from the graffiti earlier this year (see link above). But while the graffiti made a more obvious statement, it was washed off before classes began. New letters will probably be slightly harder for maintenance to find.

Fake broadcast email announces Stephen Toope as next UBC president

Toope is not succeeding himself as the next UBC president. File photo Carter Brundage / The Ubyssey

Toope is not succeeding himself as the next UBC president. File photo Carter Brundage / The Ubyssey

A fake broadcast email sent today from announced that Stephen Toope has been appointed as the next UBC president. Hold your horses, though. The email was sent from the Syrup Trap, UBC’s very own satire magazine. According to a source from them, the email was sent to the entire UBC directory, in addition to other contacts from around the university.

In reality, there have been no updates from the presidential search committee and Toope has accepted a job at U of T.

From: broadcast ubc <> Date: Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 10:09 AM Subject: UBC Broadcast E-mail: Announcement from the Presidential Search Committee To: “” <>
To: All UBC Students, Faculty and Staff

We are pleased to announce that the Board of Governors has reached a decision regarding the appointment of UBC’s next president. The search for President Toope’s successor has been a long and arduous process. Students, faculty, and alumni alike have dedicated countless hours throughout these past eleven months. Special thanks are in order to search committee members Dr. Nassif Ghoussoub, Dr. Simon Peacock and Mr. Tim Krupa for their outstanding work.

We are pleased to announce the reinstatement of Stephen J. Toope as President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of British Columbia. We understand that the decision may come as a surprise to those that have been following the selection process. After reviewing the candidates, however, we have come to the conclusion that President Toope’s record of administrative achievement positions him well to lead UBC into this new chapter in its history.

To address concerns regarding President Toope’s reappointment, we will be hosting an open forum discussion with President Toope to be held in the Old Auditorium on February 15, at 7:00 P.M. Seats are available for faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students, and will be distributed by an open lottery. To enter the lottery, please contact the Presidential Search Committee at 604-822-2301, and leave your name and e-mail address. The deadline to enter is Friday, February 14, at 11:00pm.

Please join us in welcoming President Toope and in wishing him well on his exciting mandate.

Yours sincerely,

The Presidential Search Committee


For more information about the UBC broadcast e-mail service, please visit

The number for the Presidential Search Committee is the one for our office, and we also regret to inform that there is no lottery. Clever one, Syrup Trap.

25 places people have had sex on campus at UBC

Thursday’s issue of The Ubyssey will feature the full results of our first ever sex and relationship survey, which asked everything from whether you’ve slept with a professor, to what your favorite position is, to whether someone who is drunk or high can consent to sex. Over 1500 of you replied.

We also asked if you’ve ever had sex on campus (outside of the residences), and if so, where? Around 30 per cent of you said you had, and we got 250 specific locations. So to get you in the mood for the full results here are the 25 best…


1. “Buchanan classroom” was hands down the most popular

News-Wreck Beach

2. Wreck beach was another not-so-shocking favorite


3. Nitobe Gardens was a close third


4. Name a washroom of pretty much any building and it’s on the list (yes, even the SUB)

Pacific Park

5. Pacific Spirit Park

Gage South

6. Parking lots and parkades were oddly popular


7. IKB came up a lot (hopefully this didn’t overlap with the time during midterms where the people there don’t shower for two weeks)


8. “on the roof of Sauder”


9. “Office in the SUB. AYOOOOO!”


10. “outside underneath the clock tower

Year end-Construction

11. “Construction site next to the E block(i forget what building it is now)”


12. “The magic forest beside totem park”


13. “Basement of Wood” and “library table in Woodward”


14. Ubyssey Office x 4 (thanks guys!)


15. “Cafeteria”


16. “bus stop”


17. The Cliffs

Pit cover

18. “In a chair outside the SRC… PIT night” and “Pit Bathroom”


19. “steam tunnels


20. “the kitchen of Agora


21. On top of the “E”


22. Thunderbird Arena (on the ice)


23. “tbird 55 yard line”


24. “Whitespot”


25. On the roof of cecil green park house, in the swing building

Photos are from The Ubyssey, Wikicommons or UBC