Kerry MacDonald is UBC's new volleyball head coach

2 days, 8 hours agoIn addition to his coaching experience, MacDonald specializes in sports injury prevention, which is part of his current PhD studies at the University of Calgary. MacDonald completed a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a Master of Education in coachin

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Three Thunderbirds drafted by the MLB

After their success in the 2016 baseball season, Thunderbirds Alex Webb, Curtis Taylor and Bruce Yari have received drafts by Major League Baseball (MLB). Taylor was the first of the three to receive his draft, followed closely by Webb and Yari.

Places to Be: Canoeing Indian Arm

Our fleet totalled six boats. We were advancing on open water. Deep Cove was behind us. The sun was pitiless. Steep forested rock on both sides of this wide channel. This was Indian Arm, a fjord less than an hour’s drive from UBC.

Primeau and the Track and Field team shine at NAIA Championships

This season, Primeau built a program with emphasis on injury prevention, along with making changes to the staffing on the team. “Instead of trying to fix athletes when they’re broken, we put therapy track-side and introduce warm-ups to the team that

Jesse Symons appointed as new head coach of women’s soccer

Before receiving his appointment as T-Birds head coach, Symons served as the technical director and head coach of the North Shore Girl’s Soccer Club. There, he established the first Canadian franchise in the Women’s Premier Soccer League.

Tera Van Beilen talks her career, the Olympics and retirement

As she heads into her final months at UBC, Tera is finishing up her kinesiology degree, hopes to hit the pool again sometime soon for a bit of swimming, but most importantly, she’s looking towards the future with bright eyes.

Places To Be: Golden Ears Provincial Park

Sunscreen? Check. Water bottles? Check. Absurd idea to go hiking in 33 degree heat? Check! We began the day at 7am to beat the campers and lake-goers heading to Alouette Lake, all hoping to make the day spent in the sweltering sun more manageable.