Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Last updated: 11 months ago

Text of the CUS’ email to members regarding Sauder rape cheer

The following statement was emailed to Sauder School of Business students at 9:15 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 7. Its contents have not been edited.

SUBJECT: A Letter from the CUS Board of Directors and Executive Council​

Members of the Commerce Undergraduate Society,

Over the past day, reporting by the University’s student newspaper, the Ubyssey, has brought forward evidence of inappropriate and offensive conduct committed by students at our FROSH orientation event.

Previous statements made by members of the event’s organizing committee in response to the Ubyssey’s media inquiry in no way represent the position of the CUS as a whole nor reflect the attitudes and opinions of its Board of Directors and Executives. The CUS unequivocally condemns any behaviour that promotes, endorses, or in any way makes light of issues of sexual assault and misconduct.

We offer our sincere apologies on behalf of our leadership team to the students we, as an organization, represent for the reprehensible conduct of those appointed to act as ambassadors to incoming students.

Over the coming days, the CUS will be reviewing the actions of the student leaders involved in these events to ensure there are appropriate repercussions for any of the volunteers who have lead or encouraged such behavior. Both of our FROSH Co-Chairs have tendered their resignations from any continuing responsibilities stemming from their roles as orientation organizers, which we have accepted. A public statement and apology to the greater community will be issued tomorrow.

Moving forward, we will be working with the Alma Mater Society and its Sexual Assault Support Centre, as well as the University, to develop a comprehensive plan to ensure the serious implications of these actions are understood and that they are never again repeated.

Students are encouraged to contact our Ombudsperson to confidentially express concerns they may have regarding the activities at FROSH. Office hours over the next several weeks have been extended to ensure such support is available. Alternatively, the AMS Ombudsperson is an independent and impartial contact who can connect students with the array of resources available at UBC and provide any support needed, including counseling services.


Board of Directors and Executive Council

UBC Commerce Undergraduate Society
Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia
239A-2053 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6T 1Z2
E: publicrelations@cus.ca W: www.cus.ca