Wednesday, August 24, 2016
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Boom! Pizza and Peko Peko: new SUB food outlets revealed

Geoff Lister/The Ubyssey

Enjoy saying “Blue Chip” and “Honour Roll” while you can, because in three years those names won’t mean much.

Glasfurd & Walker, a local conceptual design company, presented the new names and concepts for the food and beverage venues in the new SUB to AMS Council on Wednesday.

Replacing the Honour Roll, the new sushi eatery will be dubbed Peko Peko, named after “a Japanese colloquialism that means hungry,” said designer Phoebe Glasfurd.

Glasfurd described Peko Peko as a quiet space, to balance out the atmosphere of the other Asian cuisine venue, the Grand Noodle Emporium.

Situated on the main floor, the Grand Noodle Emporium will be the smallest location in the new SUB. The designers said the noodle house will feature a “very loud, humourous [and] vibrant” environment.

Some students wonder whether the eatery will live up to its name, which “seems pretty ambitious,” said Emma Konst, a first-year Arts student.

Also on the main floor will be Boom! Pizza, a re-imaging of Pie R Squared. The new name was chosen to reflect the “casual, slightly irreverent, indulgent, confident [and] social” concept presented by the designers to Council.

AMS VP Administration Mike Silley said the decision to let go of the current names was made early on. “One of the first things that we talked about in the first workshop was whether or not we wanted to keep any of the names.

“What the AMS decided was that we wanted Glasfurd & Walker to explore the possibility of changing the names and have this blank slate and move forward from there.”

Naming decisions took place over four workshop sessions between designers and the AMS. “The process that we’ve gone through the last four months has been strategic discussions, really vetting the future incarnations of these venues with the current incarnations of these venues,” explained designer Aren Fieldwalker.

One venue whose name will remain unchanged is the Pit. “We went through a whole range of names, but ultimately thought there was lot of heritage in the name of the Pit. I didn’t go to UBC and I know the name,” said Glasfurd.

In concept, however, “the new Pit will be quite different…a space that you can quite easily go and have a burger at lunch, but it has that ability to transform,” Glasfurd said.

With no replacement for the Gallery planned, the Pit will be taking over most of its late-night duties, like Tuesday night karaoke.

The decision to keep the Pit’s name was well received. AMS Arts councillor Kyle Warwick said it was a smart idea. “I think the name has huge recognition all across campus and even beyond…I think it makes complete sense; it’s in the basement. It’s got identity that dates back to David Suzuki.”

Though undergoing serious construction, Silley said the Norm Theatre will also keep its name. The Norm was named in 1995 in honour of Normand Bouchard, an executive of the Film Society who had died earlier that year.

Other new eateries include the new salad bar Palate, and Flipside, a burger joint which will have a related summertime venue named Flip(Out)Side, situated just outside the SUB.

The new SUB will also feature two cafés. One, the Lowercase, will be express-style. The other, the Uppercase, will have an “old world academic feeling.” The designers assured students that while the look might change, the cafés would still be serving Blue Chip-style cookies.

Replacing the Pendulum will be a fifth floor restaurant, the Perch, whose “name was chosen due to its position in the building.” The designers said that the 200-seat restaurant will be “one of the more mature places…in the building.” This is thanks to the Perch having a licenced 40-seat lounge, as well as a fireplace.

Both the designers and the AMS executives emphasized that these eateries are intended to forward the AMS brand, while also having a distinct voice and identity.

But a few UBC students didn’t seem as excited about the name changes. Responses to the new names on Twitter ranged from amusement at names such as “Boom! Pizza,” to utter surprise and outrage.

One tweet from @Montana_Hunter said, “I have to admit I’m not big on the Pi R Sqrd name change, I loved all the puns we had in the SUB!”

Though the current designs are moving forward, Silley said that the AMS is still open to revisions. “Nothing’s really set ever. We can change the name of the Honour Roll and Pie R Squared today if we wanted to at Council.

“Until the signs are put in and the building is built, we can change things such as naming and branding if we so choose.”

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  • Nathan

    Why not call the new SUB, the SUB? AMS Student Community Centre or whatever is a bit lame. Also, I think Honour Roll and Pi R Squared should stay the same, but the others are fine to me. Don’t change something that works. Spend time on fixing something that doesn’t (many endless options).