Thursday, August 25, 2016
Last updated: 11 months ago

AMS unveils new $8K logo for New SUB

The AMS' new logo. Image courtesy AMS

The AMS’ new logo. Image courtesy AMS

The AMS has come up with a new logo as part of a rebranding campaign in the new Student Union Building.

The new logo cost around $8,000 to develop.

“With the new building that’s going to be opening, it’s a really great time for us to be looking at our brand and the image that we’re presenting to students,” said Abby Blinch, AMS communications manager.

The AMS contracted the graphic design company Glasfurd & Walker about a year ago to come up with a new logo. According to Blinch, their proposed design was met with “lukewarm” feedback from council members.

“We considered our options moving forward, which could be to keep our current logo, [use] the Glasfurd & Walker logo, or to do something new,” Blinch said.

Last Wednesday, AMS Council voted unanimously to approve an altered but very similar design to the Glasfurd & Walker proposal as their new logo.

“What we decided to do instead of starting from scratch — because we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it — was just [tweak] what Glasfurd & Walker did, because they came up with something that was pretty great and there were a lot of things that people liked about it,” said Blinch. “We wanted to work with it, and that way we also weren’t wasting what had been previously done by them.”

Blinch said about $7,000 was spent on contracting Glasfurd & Walker to come up with the initial designs, and around $1,000 will be spent licensing certain AMS computers with the typeface that the new logo will be using.

“[The Glasfurd & Walker deal] was a part of a larger contract,” she said. “We were doing a few things with them and I think the amount spent on the logo was $7,000, which was a very large discount from what they would normally charge and because they were doing a fair amount of other work with us as well.”

The Lucida typeface being used in the approved design is much cheaper than the typeface proposed by Glasfurd & Walker, which may have cost between $10,000 and $15,000 to license, according to Blinch.

The new logo is set to be used whenever development of the New SUB is completed.

  • Kalindi Morgan

    bad – waste of money – who is making these decisions anyway?

  • Kalindi Morgan

    you can’t tell me this new one is better than the old which has some character to it and much better design – le sigh

  • Maskawisewin

    Kids who have never worked a real job in their life have no idea how good of a deal this actually is. Logos are expensive.

    • Miriam Sabzevari

      If anything, AMS reps are teething, trying too hard to be professionals.

  • Ashton Louie

    The AMS is suppose to be for the students… they easily could have provided the UBC visual arts students with a great opportunity by making it an open contest with some cash prizes and obvious recognition. Nevertheless, the old logo had a lot more character to it

  • Ashton Louie

    The AMS is supposed to be for the students… they easily could have given the UBC Visual Arts faculty/students a great opportunity by making this into a competition with cash prizes and clear recognition. Why go pay 7-8grand to some big expensive company when you have talented students right here on campus? Anyway, the old logo had a lot more character.

  • Malcontent Satirist

    Who the hell is making these bad decisions? Eight THOUSAND dollars on a new logo we don’t even need. Why aren’t we putting this money to better use? (oh, like re-paving all the sidewalks…)

  • Marie

    Ubyssey check out the sh*t that went down on reddit from this article, ex-AMS are on there trying to save their hides…