Everything in Santa Ono's contract, explained

1 day, 20 hours ago"The Board expects that Dr. Ono, as President, will provide oversight and direction for the operation of the University and will do so with a spirit of cooperation and in a manner consistent with the University’s vision and values."

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Fixing racism: UBC's Gurdeep Parhar talks racial stereotyping

Gurdeep Parhar, the executive associate dean in the faculty of Medicine, recently gave a Tedx talk about fixing racism. In an interview with The Ubyssey, he elaborated on the continued relevance of stereotypes — particularly at UBC.

UBCO preparing for growth over the next 20 years

UBC’s Okanagan campus is putting a plan in action to expand academic and residential facilities to cover the next 20 years of growth — preparing for the potential doubling of its population. UBCO currently has a population of around 8,500.

Two new first-year residences to open by September 2017

By September 2017, two more first-year residences will open — Orchard Commons and the second phase of Totem Park. These two new residences will compensate for shortage of available space at current first-year residences.

Steven Galloway fired after "irreparable breach of trust"

Steven Galloway has been fired by the University of British Columbia after facing "serious allegations of misconduct."Galloway, an acclaimed author, was a tenured associate professor and the chair of UBC’s creative writing program.

UBC student analyzes effects of Airbnb on Vancouver rental market

Fifth-year student Iain Majoribanks — who is studying human geography at UBC —analyzed data on Airbnb rental properties in Vancouver to help initiate a conversation about the company’s effect on affordable housing in the region.

UBC Global Reporting Centre explores new journalism methods

A new UBC-based non-profit journalism initiative, the Global Reporting Centre, focuses on underreported issues in the international community that fail to get the degree of coverage that they deserve.