Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Last updated: 11 months ago

VIDEO | 93 things to do before you graduate at UBC

1) Find The Ubyssey’s Office in the SUB
2) Spend 24 hours straight in IKB
3) Be the only fan at a UBC Thunderbirds game
4) Drink beer on the knoll with a go-mug
5) Storm the Wall
6) Have a wizard battle in the Harry Potter room
7) Find the Farm
8 ) Jump on the bouncy bushes
9) Fall asleep on a couch in the SUB during the day
10) Stand in the middle of the weird echo chamber on Main Mall
11) Explore the famed steam tunnels
12) See a play at Freddie Wood
13) Get lost on campus because you didn’t bother to look at a map
14) Get your groove on at the Pit
15) Steal an umbrella
16) Punch someone at McDonalds
17) Do Day of the Longboat
18) Become a treehugger
19) Play bocce during class time on Main Mall
20) Take part in the annual undie run
21) Find Toope’s house
22) Build a milk crate fort
23) Get frisky with someone in the Koerner Library Stacks
24) Engage in competitive axe throwing
25) Sign a petition for something you don’t care at all about
26) Get on top of a roof
27) Visit the SUB Art Gallery
28) Come up with a drinking game that isn’t King’s Cup
29) Watch a 99 B-Line pass you up, making you late for class
30) Fuck in the bushes
31) Play “Campus Golf”
32) Take a swim at Wreck Beach
33) Pie a student politician in the face
34) Write your paper’s conclusion on the bus
35) Slide down the Knoll on a cafeteria tray
36) Urinate in the weird sink at the Pit
37) Feed pigeons outside the SUB
38) Choose a favourite pigeon
39) Name the pigeon
40) Become irrationally attached to the pigeon
41) Be immature and make fun of a stupid sign on campus
42) Reveal the truth behind the mysterious field next to Totem
43) Do an exchange to UBC-O
44) Go to the Vancouver Art Gallery on 4-20
45) Buy a vintage game system
46) Get too invested in said game system
48) Have a two month pottery craze
49) Join a club just because the president is hot
50) Make a porno
51) Create a flash mob about anything
52) Start a really weird club
53) Smoke up in behind Totem Park
54) Plant a flag on the Knoll
55) Pick up the only girl in your engineering class
56) Pick up the only boy in your nursing class
57) Discuss how pretty the Mayor of Vancouver is, regardless of politics
58) Forage for berries behind Brock Hall
59) Make out with Mike Duncan
60) Take a nap at the swimming pool and feel refreshed
61) Get overly passionate about the Canucks
62) Take pictures of people who care about the Canucks way too much
63) Criticize those people on Facebook
64) Take a dip in the fountain outside Irving K. Barber
65) Feed Otis
66) Learn how to roll a joint from Ubyssey alumnus Pierre Berton
67) Enter Norm Theatre sober and leave it drunk
68) Attend Block Party
69) Be sad it’s not Arts County Fair
70) High-dive into the pool despite the tent
71) Play ultimate frisbee on the top of a parkade in the middle of the night
72) Try the Canopy Walkway at Botanical Gardens
73) People watch at the anime convention
74) Write a midterm hungover
75) Sleep through a midterm
76) Be a joke candidate in an election
77) Build a raft to float across the moat of the Asian Centre
78) Try out for a Thunderbird varsity team despite failing to meet any qualifications
79) Be overly happy when the sun breaks out after ten days of rain, be overly pissed when the rain returns five minutes later.
80) Learn about DC++
81) Go to Nitobe Gardens, ignore the natural beauty, and play Angry Birds
82) Don’t stop believing
83) Have the balls to try and deface the E in the middle of the day
84) Get tanked by the engineers
85) Get threatened with arrest by Campus Security
86) Copy something cool you saw at another university
87) Make that cool thing ridiculously over the top
88) Feel a deep sense of shame waiting in line at McDonald’s at 2:30 in the morning
89) Build an impractical but awesome robot
90) Ride a pony with the Equestrian Club
91) Drink a beer in class
92) Spend 6 years to get your degree, do go global, make best friends, lose best friends, find yourself, find your true love, lose your true love, and make the years you spend at the university of british columbia the most memorable and rewarding of your life
93) Graduate.