Friday, September 4, 2015
Last updated: 14 hours ago

Anonymous snarker channels construction anger into guerilla memes

Somebody posted these signs on a couple of UBC’s ubiquitous construction fences, and it’s been circling around Facebook and Tumblr. Glad someone decided to start poking fun at the campus’ endless detours and visual blight.

It’s an old meme, but we’ll take it.

I’m partial to anyone who makes A Place Of Mind jokes, myself. (And, shhh, don’t tell UBC you think it’s your campus. They’ll be sure to set you straight.)

Do you have any idea how old this joke is? Yes, construction is an immortal, never-ending force.

The best of the lot.

What do you think of these signs? Have you ever had the urge to post up commentary on one of those awful fences?

Hat-tip to Morgan Huber and Yvonne Nicole Soriano

  • Asher

    Yeah, the construction is really annoying. Especially around Buchanan and on University Boulevard, and the new SUB. I think it’ll be completely worth it when it’s done though – think of how nice the campus will be. I think all the students who will have graduated by the time this stuff is done are rightfully peeved, though.

  • Yuri Kook

    Like everybody, I find the construction really annoying. But if you think about it, UBC Alumni had to put up with the same thing for us to enjoy buildings like IKBLC today. I think what UBC did wrong was have so many of it happening concurrently that the whole place is a metaphorical bottleneck.

  • DisgruntledEXyube

    Hah. I was an arts student at UBC from 2004-8 and it was one gigantic construction zone. Nice to see how things have changed. Maybe my kids will be able to go to quiet, peaceful campus and write exams free from jackhammers.

  • Julian

    You missed the “Fences courtesy of the UBC Fencing Club” sign